April 6th, 2011

The section of Abram that I found most intriguing was the effect of the change in human writing from symbolic lettering that conveyed the physical appearance of other animals as well as forces and figures of nature like clouds and the sun. With the change from imagery to alphabetic representation, man became more likely to think himself and his uniquely human perspective to be above naturally, immediately occurring sensory perception. This change is a simple yet brilliant way of understanding the societal movement from the universal interplay of sense and nature of animism to the excluding, man-made basis for understanding/communication practices of humanism. In deriving the means of understanding and communicating through alphabetic means, the human race moved from taking on the world just as any other animal does to a system of language with created values and meanings decipherable and determinable only by man. The entirety of perception, and consequently meaning and value, is defined by a system not based out of the natural world, but rather by a means of language of constructed values and systems of language.

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    Abram at Desmond Zantua’s ENG399 Honors Blog

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