The Technic of Live Performance (An Ode to Mic Swinging)

March 9th, 2011

For me, there is nothing in life that brings me more peace, happiness, and sense of purpose or self-value than when I am playing music live. Since my youthful days in elementary school, I’ve always done well with comprehending class lessons and all the desired educational ends of the curriculum. However, I’ve spent the majority of my 17 years of schooling watching the clock, always wanting to be somewhere else. In the past 5 years, I’ve found an always shifting somewhere I’d prefer (be it a stage or a basement) and a specific something (performing music) that I find more desirable. Playing shows, singing aloud my anxieties, euphoria, hopes, and tragedies, I feel every emotion sung acutely, just as strongly as the events that led to their writing. And when I am lucky enough to have people sing back my own words to me, it gives me a sense of commonality and community that I never feel anywhere else in life.

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